Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A Friend. My Friend.

"What a friend who has found me. Closer than a brother. I have felt His touch. More intimate than lovers." - Matt Redman


He swam through the roughest oceans and He climbed the highest mountains to rescue me. Me? A wretch. A loser. A lost and lonely sinner who was so self absorbed; and who only cared about his god: himself. A degenerate who'd never give Him the time of day; on any day. 


But He came for me. He didn't care how dirty or cynical or evil I was. He came anyway. Such is His love. Such is His compassion. And He found me wondering off. He found me in the mud of my mess. The stench of my pride filled his nostrils, but He didn't care. And into my mud, He stepped in. He smiled at me with the most enormous grin I'd ever seen as though He'd found a long lost treasure. He took me by the hand and I felt His pulsating strength. Into His arms I surrendered. And He carried me out. He then washed me. He scrubbed me. He dried me. And He gave me His own crisp clean robe to wear. And we embraced. He sang songs over me and We danced. We ate and He fed me His choicest food. And He called me His friend.


I love Him today. And I love Him everyday. Impossible to ignore what He gave up for me. Forever My Lord. My King. My Husband. And He's my friend. My best Friend. My Jesus.

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