Friday, 24 June 2016

Treating others well

Treating others as God treats us. 

How you doing with that? 

And I'm not just talking about the people you get on with or your mates...
Haha! That's difficult sometimes. And they mates!! But what about others? How you doing with that?

If you like me. You probably stink at it. But this blog isn't to tell you how bad you doing. But rather to encourage you to look at our Lord. He's amazing at treating bad people well. Or rude people. Or vulgar speaking people. He does a lot better than us.

Read the following quote.

"In the natural world, we see many examples of this type of cycle. Water falls from the sky, and returns to the heavens by the process of evaporation. The moon does not generate its own light, but reflects the light of the sun in the night sky. The image in a mirror is nothing more than a reflection of the actual object. Likewise, our love for God is a reflection of His love for us. Love begins and ends with God.

We cannot love God on our own initiative, but we can give back that which He has bestowed on us. When the Father of Lights gives us a gift that touches our heart, it does something inside of us. We end up returning to God the very thing He has given us. To love God, we must be loved by God. It’s a wonderful thing to go through our entire lives being loved by God. We are condemned to be loved by Him forever. We can’t escape it. We have no alternative but to put up with it: this is who God is.

Parents know an example of this principle: when our children were growing up, and our birthday was approaching, most of us gave them money to buy us a present. How do we know how to do this? It is in our DNA. God is the same way; His love is the currency He gives us so that we can love Him more fully." 

I've learnt a secret. "We love because we've been loved. And we are loved." In the great scheme of things. We are the bad, ugly, rude and vulgar speaking people. But JESUS loves us. He has forgiven us. He carries on loving us. When we stop trying to love. But rather bask in HIS love, something kicks in on the inside. When we know He smiles over us. When we know He calls us His kid. When we know He accepts us and enjoys us. Yes, us? And if He pours that love into us, we have the love to love others...

Knowing His love for you is the only way to share that love with others.


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