Sunday, 14 August 2016

He qualifies us

I saw a picture of two athletic tracks. They looked exactly the same but they ran (excuse the pun) off two diametrically opposed operating systems. One was running on law and the other grace. 

The track that ran on law was filled with athletes running their fastest and it seemed like they had been running forever. Some were cramping and some had blisters. It was clear, they were exhausted. Then the truth hit me between the eyes: the finish line didn't exist. These ailing athletes were running a race in which the end never comes.

The other track was different. The athletes were in their starting positions, just about to launch into their run. "On your marks...get set...GO!" As soon as they leapt out of their starting blocks they crossed the finishing tape with their chests instantaneously. Done. They had finished the race. They were victors. And yet, knowing this, many continued to run. Because that's what they were born to do. Runners run.

The enemy attacks Christians with the lie that we are disqualified by what we do. The lie parades itself: "Your giving qualifies you to be blessed." "Your right living qualifies you for God to answer your prayers." "Your prayer life qualifies you for God's intervention into your daily affairs." "Your Bible reading qualifies you for God to......!" The good news of the Gospel is that JESUS qualifies Christians. Not Christians. If it was left to us, we'd be disqualified. Every time. But thank God it's not left to us. God answers our prayers, blesses us with good things, grants us favour in our vocation, heals our bodies and fellowships with us whenever we need or want Him, not because we have gotten it right today or yesterday. It's because, in CHRIST, we have been qualified. Done. 

If God had to pick someone to join His team, he'd chose you. Why? Because Jesus qualified you. He made you good enough. He made you righteous enough. He has done it all. It's a one way transaction. You bring nothing to the table, except for your trust and belief in His goodness. Your effort, your obedience or your performance have nothing to do with it! Faith in Him does. Does this mean the "living" or the "doing" doesn't matter? In terms of our qualification in God's sight, no. But in terms of working out our lives in Him...YES! Runners run. In Christ, you are His workmanship....GO BIG! But when you fluff it...and we all do...never confuse that with disqualification. Your already on the team. You've already finished the race. You've crossed the winning tape. That's done. You're in and you're His. Jesus has done the qualifying.

Being qualified is based fully upon your trust in Christ, not on your obedience and performance.

Think about it.

He qualifies us.

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