Wednesday, 18 May 2016

An anointed thought

Are the lost saved when he preaches? 
Yes? Then he's an evangelist.
If they don't, then he's probably not. No matter what title he's got on his business card or ministry letter head.

Does she have the business acumen and ability to make money and run the company with ease? 
Yes? Then she's a business woman, an anointed one.

When he speaks, do others listen? When he walks, do others follow?
No? Then he ain't a leader. 

When you're anointed to do something, you'll be successful at it. And......(think about it)'ll find much joy and fulfillment in what you doing! When you're anointed, it means you are gifted to do it. It's not something you have to try and make happen with a lot of elbow grease. It happens. Pretty much naturally.

So, what are you good at?

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