Monday, 16 May 2016

The Negotiator

I'm a negotiator. That's who I am. And it's what I do for a living. I get paid to do it. I've learned to harness the skill since my first job after school at age 20. I'm 35 today. I no longer sell water purifiers to passers-by for R750 a pop. But I still negotiate. Rather, it's now R1.2million truck loads of biscuits and tea. 

I still maintain that a negotiator is a negotiator. No matter if you selling bath plugs, airplanes or chocolates. You're still trying to convince someone to buy what you have at the price you asking. The better you become at your skill will then determine the worth of the stock you're given responsibility to move. 

I was given some great advice from one of the world's best salesmen way back in 2002. He said "People don't buy products. People buy people. Sell yourself. Don't sell things." There's much truth in that. If you can trust me and I prove that what I've got will add value to your life that outweighs the cost of it, you'll buy it. But you've got to trust me. You've got to trust that I'm not pulling a fast one on you. 

You've got to trust that I'm playing open cards on:
1. What I'm offering, 
2. What my competitors are offering 
3. The price that I'm asking you to pay for it. 
Once I've proven myself in those three areas, more than likely, I'll get the sale. Negotiation complete. Successful Transaction.

And don't think you aren't a negotiator. 

You are. Everyone is. Even your 5 year old. We all negotiate sometime during the day. The brand of Milk we think our wife should buy, to the restaurant we should eat at on Friday night or the movie I think we must get on Sunday evening. Why we must buy this car and not that car...

"Babes, trust me..." Tell me you've never used that line.

There is one person however, that we never need to negotiate with and that's God. He doesn't need you to prove your self worth or trust ability too. We lose every time. And funny thing is that He knows it. So He has provided. And it's independent of negotiations. He gave. Freely. He just asks that we embrace and trust Him. No long talks or discussions. 

The price was already set: God's life for yours. 
The transaction was accepted: JESUS rose from the dead as proof.
Eternal life and Union with Him is provided freely because of it.

And yet some are still trying to negotiate for it....

Are you?

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