Friday, 10 May 2013

The Department of 3 Months!

What is it with our government departments? Everything takes over 3 months to get done whether it be certificates, diplomas, etc. Other countries, with better systems in place take 14 working days at the most. Why are we the '3 MONTH’ nation??

I wanted my N6 Diploma. The actual thing – the piece of paper. I passed the subjects and I've been qualified for over 10 years. I passed with 3 distinctions. But still to this day - no actual document to brag with. Or proof! Last year I decided that enough was enough and that I needed this darn piece of paper. On 6 May I applied again, sent my documents. In December 2012 I had received my 3 certificates (N4, N5, N6). I then needed a letter from my employer proving that I have worked in the field in which I studied. I took them my employer’s letter. I was then told it was the wrong format. "So what format must it be" I asked. They then gave me a template example to follow. I took the letter back to them - the original. They sent it off on 2 March 2013.

On 4 May I received a letter in the post with my application to say that my application for my N6 diploma had been rejected because I needed an ORIGINAL letter from my employer. BUT IT WAS!! It's not my fault my company's letterhead is black and white. They thought it was a copy and sent it back. It took them 2 months - TWO MONTHS - 60 DAYS - to receive it, deny me and send it back. I was furious to say the least. I got a guy in my company to colour our company's letterhead blue (just for this purpose) and took them the letter. It was rejected. "WHAT NOW??" I pleaded. It didn't have a company stamp on the letter. No one, up until now, had said anything about a company stamp. I then got it stamped and took it in today.

I am one frustrated South African. Why is my country's internal system so inefficient? Why does there seem to be a 'don't-care' attitude with most government officials??

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