Monday, 13 May 2013

My Blackberry Bold 9900

Okay, I admit it, I am crazy about gadgets. You know, iPads, iPods, Plasma screen TVs, Blackberrys, Blueray players. It's true what they say about us guys - our toys are still for boys, except now they cost an arm and a leg. Literally!

Last week Monday I woke up at around 6:20am and it felt like Christmas morning. It was the day for my cellphone upgrade...drum roll...roll out the red carpet.I entered Vodacom that morning feeling like Richard Branson....I felt important. I don't know why. I was just getting a new piece of plastic with which to make phone calls. It's funny how the craving to have an 'image' grabs us as times. I was caught between a Blackberry Bold 9900 or an iPhone 5. I compared the features and the monthly price. I chose the Bold 9900. I like Blackberry. I like BBM, even though Whatsapp is free for all smartphones. I don't know, I suppose I feel more 'at home' with Blackberry. So I made my decision. "Bold 9900 it is!" I told the Vodacom guy. It was the white one. I opened the box and smiled at my new toy. My heart literally began racing. I signed on the dotted lines and paid my R105 starter fee. That was it - I had my new phone!

I took it to work and put it on charge. I was so proud. That night I charged it to the full, all ready for the next day - Tuesday. I set my ring tones, downloaded my preferred pics and photos, downloaded some songs and videos from  my laptop and inserted most of my contact details. I was ready. My Bold 9900 was awesome! I left the office that night and as I walked outside I realised my phone was in my pocket. I reached for it and pulled it out. And then...the unspeakable happened. It happened in slow motion. Time actually froze - like in the Matrix. I saw it leave my hand and head towards the tiles in the flash of an eye. *CRASH!!!* My heart sank and I grabbed for it as fast as I could hoping if I grabbed it quick enough it would be okay. It wasn't. The screen was bust. Thank God I insured the darn thing. But heck, it was bust. My new toy. My beloved gadget. I had committed the unpardonable sin. I dropped it. It was barely 24 hours old. Has this ever happened to you?? Nothing could cheer me up. I was angry. I was very cross with myself.

Vodacom couldn't do anything and neither could Blackberry. It was broken. And it was my fault. One day into a 2 year contract and my phone was useless. R7,699 worth of phone broken. Vodacom suggested I take it to a Vodacare shop that repairs phones. "YES! Of course!" I said. I took it first thing Saturday morning. I pleaded with them to create a miracle on my behalf and in agony ( I'm a good actor!) I pleaded my case....I'm sure they bought my desperation. I left it with them. Hoping. And praying.

An hour later I received a call to say I could come and collect it. They had replaced the screen. They were checking the software, but all seemed normal. It was ready for was done for free. I was blown away. Upon receiving the call I was at a restaurant with my family. Right there and then, I broke into a jig resembling Justin Bieber and Usher! (I thought the moves were quite impressive.) I collected my phone and I was happy again. My pride and joy was fixed. My gadget was repaired and returned back to me! Aaahhhhh....the relief, the joy.

It kind of makes me wonder....if that's how I felt over a blinking phone, imagine how God feels about us. And to follow that up with another question: Think how He feels when we get broken.Just a thought....

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