Sunday, 12 May 2013

PDV - the former coach Springbok supporters will never forget

"You can never write the Cheetahs off you know. Any team has a chance to win but remember they also have 50% chance to lose." I chuckled to myself after hearing this campy statement from Peter De Villiers, the man who AlgoaFM is using this year as their Super 15 'expert'.

I have never been a Peter De Villiers fan. I could never make sense of what he said, while at times he did display some acute rugby knowledge. But I do think PDV is his worst enemy. Just have a look at this video clip to see my point:

I haven't read his book, but I want too. I believe he holds nothing back while exposing SARU's short comings and mistreatment of him. I still remember watching the press conference of his appointment and gasping at Oregon Hoskins' reply to a jounalist's question regarding the criteria of PDV's appointment - "it was not made on pure rugby alone." He then spoke in circles while admitting that Peter was an affirmative action appointment. If PDV was white, I'm sure his cheeks would have reddened in embarrassment. Right there - it was quite clear - this was going to be a hard road for the man whom SARU admitted wasn't good enough. To my shock, while reading through his book at Exclusive Books (we all do it!), his contract with SARU still hadn't been finalized or agreed too.

But still, with everything that's transpired over the past few years, I still have my reservations about the man whom many Springboks supporters loved to hate. Especially when he makes dumb ass comments like he did this morning.    

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