Sunday, 4 January 2015


A friend of mine recently asked me to give him some advice on how to know for sure what God's will was for a big decision he needed to make. He is seriously thinking of immigrating overseas but with the success stories, he's also heard the bad ones. And he wants to make sure that this decision isn't going to be a bad one. Wise man. And what makes him even wiser is that he wants to make sure this is what God wants for him and his family. Very wise man.

I think there are some very key points one should consider before making that big decision: immigrating overseas, buying the right house in the right neighborhood, marrying the right person, taking that job in another city, etc. Feel free to add to the list below, but from what I've experienced I would consider these some very key indicators in helping you make the right choice.

1. NEVER RUSH. No big decision needs to be made in haste. If someone is pressurizing you to make that decision in 24 hours or else you'll miss out...rather miss out; if you have to rush to make the decision, more often that not, it's not the right direction for you.

2. GOD OPENS THE DOOR. Most big things that happen in life just happen. They come to you. I've found that if I want that Joburg job so bad, that I've got to phone around, I've got to set up interviews, I've got to go against the grain to MAKE it happen, it's not God. Speak to people who've had big decisions to make; they testify that things just feel into place, things just flowed...If you are one having to force things to happen and convince people why they should, etc. it's not the right thing. When God opens the door, He keeps it open. 

3. HOLY SPIRIT LEADS WITH PEACE. Peace is the key to all big decisions. Holy Spirit leads with peace. If there isn't peace, it's not God. I'm not saying there won't be some anxiety or maybe even some fear; that's where courage will carry you...but peace within the storm, peace that surpasses understanding is what you looking for. 


5. SHARE WITH A CHRISTIAN FRIEND. And I'm not talking about a "yes" friend. I'm talking about a friend who'll ask you the hard questions, who will test your motives and come along side you in prayer. 

So if you faced to make a decision that has presented itself to you, my advice would be to let it sit on the shelf for some time. Don't rush. Don't be in a hurry. Pray. And wait. Ask yourself "Is God opening the doors? Is He presenting this before me or have I tried to manufacture this result?" Speak to your friend, ask them to pray with you and allow them to ask the hard questions; and accept their advice. Let peace in your soul be the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

Make a wise decision.

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