Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Theology is the study of God. I have a sneaking suspicion that theology was meant to be something to savour, not achieve. I mean, study God? Work Him out? In which life time do you think you'll ever work out 0,01% of the Divine One? I have trouble making sense of my five-year old, let alone God.

Which brings me to my suspicion. I believe that theology was never meant to be about answers, but rather thought. Scripture tells us that God reveals Himself by revelation. He reveals...that's what He does. He reveals. We think. We believe. 

I have the following approach to theology: I liken it to a nice coastal drive from East London to Cape Town. The whole idea is enjoyment, not destination. Enjoy the wonder of the Bloukrans Bridge, enjoy the windy roads through the Wilderness, enjoy the forests of Tsitsikama, enjoy the sea view from Plettenburg Bay, enjoy the Knysna river marine, enjoy the homely feel of Sedgefield and have you ever seen a view more spectacular than the one on top of Sir Lowreys Pass? The journey to Cape Town isn't done properly without a stop off at Storms River or at some cheese and farm stalls along the Garden Route. Have you ever visited the Big Tree? I have. Twice. It's awesome. The trip really is an adventure of discovery. The point of the trip IS the journey, not the destination. It's to be Savoured. 

Will we ever know the answers that work God out? No. Never. He has, however, called us to worship Him and enjoy Him forever. Like all things in the Kingdom, theology too is worship. And worship is two things: To look on Him and to savour Him. Studying His ways, discussing Him and how others have different and unique ways of understanding this or that about Him should be uplifting and encouraging, not prideful competition or higher intellectualism. It's sad that most of the theological world has been reduced to such fleshly pitfalls. It was never meant to be. At least I don't suspect so. 

So my the scriptures and show yourself approved, but for heavens sake, make sure your primary focus is to Enjoy Him and Savour Him forever.

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