Sunday, 20 November 2016

An un-deferred Heart

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick…” - Proverbs 13:12

Any part of your life in which you have no hope for, is under the influence of the devil.  The devil’s influence can’t exist in a space where there is faith and hope. Hope is a sure-footed, firm-rooted-standing on the concrete of what God has said and on what you are trusting for God to do in an area of your life.

There is nothing worse than a hopeless Christian. It stinks of unbelief. And it’s the opposite of the way He’s designed us and designed His Kingdom. He has created us to breathe the oxygen of hope and faith. It’s what fuels us.

A sick heart is a heart depressed; it’s a heart under a dark cloud of misery, pain and defeat. The greatest enemy to a believer is unbelief. When unbelief leaches onto the heart of a believer, it sucks out all hope and faith.

So I say again: Any part of your life in which you have no hope for, is under the influence of the devil.

What’s the opposite: Any part of your life in which you have dreams, hope and faith for, is not under the influence of the devil.

So, whether it be with your health or your finances or your marriage or your children or your job situation or your ministry or your purpose in life – every area of your life – ask yourself: Have you lost hope in what God can do in that area of your life?

So let me throw some faith and hope your way:

The Bible says that:

·         “We are hidden with Christ in God.” Eternally secure, forever safe and forever His. Our safety is ultimately due to His grip on us rather than our grip on Him. We are in His hands and nothing is able to snatch us out.

·         “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.” We have an enemy on the outside; but we have an all-powerful King on the inside and there is nothing that can take Him by surprise.

·         “You are all sons of God, through faith.” By design, He has made me in His image. New creation, righteous heart, godly desires, kingdom dreams – this is who we are! We are like our Daddy in Heaven.

Transformation comes when the mind is renewed to God’s truth. The heart will become healthy again and lose all of the enemy’s influence when we deposit faith and hope into it. “No mind has seen or eye heard or mind conceived what God has planned for those who love Him.” As sons, we are His beloved and He has dreams and purposes for us! Let not your heart grow sick with fear and unbelief. Rise up. Shake of the dust. And stand firm in your God.

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