Monday, 1 February 2016

Co-Laboring with God 101

For my Christian friends who find it difficult to comprehend and understand the term "co-labouring with God", perhaps this will help...

The other day my tyre went flat. I got the jack, the wrench and other bits and bobs out the boot in order to fix it. I had them next to me as I sat and lay on the ground attempting to do the job of changing the tyre. My youngest son, Michael, came out and stood by me. His first question, "Dad, can I help you?" Now what dad could say no to his four year old trying to help. I figured he didn't have the strength to jack the car up (Duh!!!) so asking him to pass me the different tools would make his day. And it sure did. "Michael, pass me the nut. No boy, the nut. Aahhh, no Michael, THAT one, THAT one on the right....yes...give THAT to me." Did I need him to pass me the nuts? No. They were right beside me. But he was interested in my business and he wanted to help. So I included him. And it was a joy for me to do so! After the tyre was changed we went inside. Michael ran ahead of me and what were the first words out of his mouth? "Mom, Mom, guess what!! I changed Daddy's tyre!!" I smiled and encouraged him in front of her. "Mommy, you should of seen him. Passed me all the right tools. Good job my boy! Dad's so proud of you." Did he change the tyre? No. Did he help me? I helped him to help me. And I loved every moment of it. He co-labored with me in changing my tyre. 

God loves it when we "help" Him "change the tyres". It makes His heart glad when we are on about the same things as Him. It makes him glad when we when we desire the things He does. And loves to include us in what He's doing in changing people's lives. 

Happy tyre changing!!

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