Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Good advice or Good news?

A man walked into the bank, totally bankrupt and unable to pay off his bond. He strolled into the bank manager's office in his hopeless situation. The best and only thing the bank manager can do is offer good advice. The good advice is to get a second job, sell some of their assets and maybe his wife works a full day job in order to pay off their debt. Consolidate his debt and maybe take out a second loan to help catch up the payments. That could maybe be considered good advice. 

It would be a totally different story if that same guy in the same indebtedness, walked into the bank and entered into the entire staff compliment celebrating with corks being popped off champagne bottles and streamers being let off to celebrate!! The bank manager comes up to him, puts a party hat on his head and congratulates him with good news. The good news is that a total stranger came into the bank and paid off his entire bond and on top of that, deposited $100 million into his cheque account for his spending pleasure. And if that runs out he can ask for more and more will be made available for him. That wouldn't be good advice, that would be considered very good news.

The truth is that the Gospel isn't good advice. It's good news. The Gospel has been presented as good advice by ignorant ministers who haven't realized the scandal of God's goodness. When actually the Gospel is VERY good news of what Jesus has provided which anyone can receive by faith.

You fancy some good news??

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