Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Invitation

A multi-million dollar rich business man, estranged from his son, returns from a far off land to his home town. He buys the biggest mansion, fills it with the best furniture that money can buy, adorns the cupboards with the best clothing, fills the fridges and kitchen cupboards with the finest foods and puts $1billion into the home's safe.

He then goes about inviting his son back home. His son left the family many years ago in order to do his own thing. He was rebellious and hard. The father's hope was that his son would come back to him. He sent his messenger with the invitation for his son. The invitation was simple but could only be read when he came to the house. The invitation read:

   "Son, I love you. I have always loved you. You are the world to me. I want to spend the rest of my days with you, knowing you and I want you to know me. Lets enjoy one another, travel the world together and be a family. I am not angry with you or disappointed with you. On the contrary, I am proud of you and desire good things for you. Come home. All that I have is yours. Love, Dad."

The messenger brought the son back to the father's mansion where the father hugged his son and welcomed him into his home. He walked his boy into the lounge and his son saw the extravagance with which the father had bestowed upon the house. They sat together on these big white comfy chairs as his father read to his son, the invitation.

The son listened and then considered the invitation. He stood up, shook his Dad's hand and replied 'No thanks Dad. But I don't want you or what you have to give me.' He rejected his Dad and walked out. The father was sad and wept. Each day, sitting on the patio by the pool, watching and hoping that one day, his son would come home.

God has reconciled himself to the entire world. He has provided Himself. He has provided salvation and all mankind needs. He is inviting all to come. His messengers are inviting the world to come home to their creator. Like the father who came home, God has come to the world in the person of Jesus. The temple curtain has been torn. God is now accessible to all who desire Him. He is waiting with open arms. Everything has been bought and provided. And the invitation is simple "Be reconciled to God." "Believe in the One whom He has sent." 

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